Volunteering 11.07.2022. Sheikh

This is the corrected Google English translation of the recent “Defense Line” article) (for spreading in social networks; for additional illustrations, see the linked article)

You have no idea how pleasant it is to do this work. I am incredibly grateful to all of you who have trusted me with your money and a piece of your good heart to help those on the front lines.

I get pleasure close to sexual. And given the fact that I am retired, such pleasures are especially appreciated. But I am an active retiree, and all of you, colleagues, give special meaning to my retirement.

I promised to tell you about the sniper and about the sight that we, all together, gave him. Here is a story.

Meet Vladimir, whose nickname is Sheikh. I changed the name and nickname, but left the essence of it. Riflescope LEUPOLD MARK 5HD 7-35X56 M5C3 FFP CCH. Only NIGHTFORCE ATACR can be cooler, but this is my personal opinion. Sheikh believes that for real boys only LEUPOLD is, well, like a “Stradivarius drum”.

Thanks to kind people, we managed to get a good discount on the sight, and with this discount we immediately bought an awesome mount – a monoblock for a Picatinny rail sight. All this beauty will be mounted on a 0.338LM RUGER bolt gun. You cannot see the incredibly happy face of Sheikh in the photo, but in my soul and on the original photo this happy face has been preserved. When we win (and there is no doubt about it), I will show you.

Sheikh is fighting in the east as part of the Luhansk Territorial Defense Force (TDF). And the Luhansk TDF is constantly at the front line, like the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the “Defence Line” publications, it is not accepted to criticize the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But Ze (linski)-officials should be criticized. So, the real combat supply of the warring units of the TFD leaves much to be desired, in comparison with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Combat equipment, I emphasize. And sometimes the attitude of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the units of the TRF, to put it mildly, is inadequate. Therefore, our support of Sheikh and his comrades-in-arms is much more appreciated in heaven, and aunt Karma counts our good deeds for TFD with an increased coefficient.

The story of Sheikh and his brothers, like everything in this war, is a separate detective story and fantasy.

In civilian life, Sheikh is the owner of a construction company. Since the beginning of the war, more than 2,000,000 hryvnias of his personal money went to the war – spent on two cars using which he fights, plus sniper rifles, a sniper body kit and ammunition.

He has been at war since the beginning of the orc invasion. The first position is a machine gunner. You see, Sheikh is a healthy guy, just right for a machine gun, and they don’t trust little boys like our small unshaven Ze to carry PKM machine gun with ammunition.

At the beginning of the war at the Luhansk direction, where the steppes are like a table, the orcs became especially impudent. They jump out at a distance of 700-800 meters from the position of the battalion, stand up in full height and shoot an Manpad antitank grenade launcher. And not once, but several times, with reloading. Or they go out on a motorcycle with a sidecar, loaded with an AGL (automatic grenade launcher) and fire at our positions.

And getting arrogant orcs was problematic. The submachine gun will not reach them, there were no snipers, no mortars or grenade launchers in the TFD, and as to a machine gun – the ammunition supply is very limited. The orcs realized that and became more and more impudent.

You can’t brush aside business management experience. Sheikh went to the battalion commander with a proposal to create a sniper pair to shoot the insolent orcs. He got the go-ahead, went to Kyiv and bought for his own money two bolt guns, one caliber 308WIN and one caliber 338LM, the whole body kit – bipods, sights, rangefinders, covers, weather stations and ammunition. It’s expensive, very expensive, take my word for it. He have not done sniping before, but he got good hands, his eyes see well and his head works. He picked up a sensible guy as a sidekick, found an instructor at the neighbors and started training, since there were lots of places to shoot on at the front line.

A month later, the insolent orcs began to snatch off a fantastic butt kick along with tickets for concerts in the underworld. The impudence instantly disappeared and they began to behave politely and carefully.

The command was very pleased with the results of Sheikh’s work, and the command asked Sheikh to expand the staff of snipers. And Sheikh showed excellent qualities as a business leader. He found kind people in Kyiv who buy sniper rifles with a body kit for their own money and transfer stuff to particular fighters upon re-registration of documents in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. At the same time, the soldiers write a receipt that after the war they will return the rifle or money (sort of local lend-lease). A very competent and wise decision, because if you transfer a rifle to a military unit – that’s it, there will be neither a rifle nor a sniper. And so there is a sniper with his personal weapon!

In result, as a nightmare for orcs five snipers are now fighting along with Sheikh. The orcs are afraid and go wild. Sheikh says that when the orcs determine the place of work of our sniper, they do not hesitate releasing the entire package of Grad (MLRS) 40 rockets, each of 100 kg. That’s how our guys get on the orcs nerve. And this is TFD, that is, people who took up arms in February and learned to use it masterfully.

And the scope that we gave to Sheikh is good because it has a well-thought-out reticle. And using this grid, you can very accurately determine the distances, knowing the size of the object, well, or the approximate size of the orc. It is dangerous to work with laser rangefinders, the orcs have anti-sniper systems constantly turned on, instantly fixing the laser beam and can immediately attack back. Without knowing the exact range to the target, it makes no sense to shoot.

Brief report on the work done.

The list of countries – sincere friends of Ukraine is replenished. Ireland and Norway have joined our project. Today, residents of such countries help our Warriors: Canada, USA, Argentina, Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Norway! Colleagues, if I missed a country – do not be offended! And please add to this list in the comments. For us it is important. Mrs. Editor specifically asked to keep a strict record of the geography of our Victory.

One such sight cost 139454.50 hryvnia (4667.72 Eur). The entire amount was paid from the funds that you transferred! And I paid with three cards: Privat (bank), Mono and OTP, none of the cards had the full sum needed. Gun shops are now showing amazing flexibility.

As of this morning, 270367.05 hryvnias, 1475 dollars, 13367.60 euros and 2100 levs have been collected. With this money, we have already bought a LEUPOLD sight, and this money will be enough for us to close the NVG monocular project.

I promised you all in writing that all our assistance would not go to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but would specifically come into the hands of a specific Warrior. There will be no warehouses, distributions and intermediaries. We buy very expensive and specific items with which orcs can quickly and effectively turn into good (and very quiet) guys. And we pass these items from hand to hand to our skilled and motivated Warriors.

The war, unfortunately, continues. And as I wrote, new projects are born by themselves. Sheikh said that they really want to buy a big drone to carry and throw mines and grenades on the heads of the orcs. Drones in Ukraine, because such drones are assembled by our craftsmen (I didn’t even know … well, we are a unique nation, I never cease to be surprised). Components are from the USA, communication protocols are also Western. The cost of the drone is $9,000. I think it’s worth it. Anyway, I’ll get to work. And if you provide support, we can handle it very quickly. A video of such a drone is in the next article.

You already know that with everyone who wants to contribute funds, and a piece of his heart, I communicate personally. I manually process each payment, keep records and write a confirmation letter for each payment. Therefore, if I did not immediately respond to your letter or request, please wait. I will answer within a day.

Who wants to take part – write in the comments to this article. You can also send a mail to the editorial mail address, but it’s better in the comments, I monitor them all the time. I will immediately send the details for help to the email indicated in the comment. For our colleagues from other countries, I will indicate accounts in dollars, euros or Bulgarian levs, as well as PayPal. But when my new article comes out, I switch to it and no longer track the comments of previous publications.

Who already knows the details and sent help – write me an email for registration and confirmation.

Glory to Ukraine!

Your “Hotelier-Banderivets”

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