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The smell of superstate

The Russians, without outside involvement, started to describe in details the condition of the main cash cow of Russia – “Rosneft”. The main official and unofficial flows pour out of it, filling the budget both of the Russian Federation and the pockets of some separate “more equal” citizens of this country. The basic idea of these essays is that the company has become the largest debtor in the history of the country. It consumes about 2 billion rubles every day and if it collapses, there would be all connections, spirituality and aboriginality under the debris of it. Moreover, the company puts the record both in the absolute size of the debts, and the speed of their rise.

But we are not too much interested in the fate of this company, and all of Russia also, except the only interesting thing that is the date of death of this dump, and much more interesting is the figure of the head of the oil giant. Like his colleague in the leadership of Gazprom, Sechin has neither engineering, nor geological, nor even economic education. Put it bluntly, he doesn’t even understand what things come from and where they go. He and Alexei Miller, five or six years ago, took on the roles of so-called industry experts and strongly promoted pseudo-scientific theory of finite reserves of hydrocarbons. It said that as times go on, an oil and gas would become less and the price of them would become heaven-high. It’s the theory that drove the researching teams of Gazprom on the shelf of the Northern seas, and Rosneft went too much far away to extract the “remains” of hydrocarbons from the most remote locations. By the way, they reported all of this to Putin, and he became very excited with the idea of “energy superpower”. He dreamed about the United States’ and Europe’s crawling on their knees the most shameful way to beg a bucket of oil and a can of gas. Billions of dollars were spent on it, but as it turned out later, fun theory has nothing in common with reality. “Scientists” reported to leadership exactly what they wanted to hear, and because of their complete ignorance they just could not understand basic things, because until now they have no idea about classical methods of learning. In General, both Rosneft and Gazprom could be managed by novelist or narcologist, or even dancer-accordionist with the same success. The result would be the same, and it could be described with the expression “to pull the devil by the tail”.

In General, Putin picked up the heads of branches of economics and politics on a simple principle, that was set out in the decree of Peter I: “Subordinate person has to have dashing and silly look to the face of chief to not to embarrass the authorities with his mind”. Look at every of them – they only promote dashing speeches, and there is so much foolishness that it even could be sent for export.

In the Assembly of these professionals, two Putin’s subordinate recently showed their worth with a new power. Of course it is Dmitry Rogozin, who built up dark side of the moon with the settlements (that’s why they are not visible) and сertain Klintsevich, who recently floated on the surface of the sump. These two figures kill with their projects so hard that resuscitation or emergency psychiatry have nothing to do. There can be written lots of thick books about Dmitry Rogozin. It is a freak show, full of stupidity of different caliber and “inner content”, but his latest pearl stoke both pilots and passengers of the plane by which he tried to fly to Kishenev and which was swing around Romania back.

As we remember, the plane was not allowed to Moldova because of Rogozin and he vowed to revenge, and did so. As Romanians didn’t let Rogozin’s pork enter into their airspace, the Russian Federation refused to let Romanian pork in their country too. Perhaps Rogozin received some kind of satisfaction, because his angry speech that lives of passengers in his plane endangered was not in vain. Though he was silent about the source of danger. In fact, when pilots reported him about forced reversal, Dmitry tried to open the door and piss on Romania straight from the plane. Depressurization was escaped miraculously, and just because one of the flight attendants grabbed Rogozin prepared to action and dragged him from the door. But Klintsevich surpassed even Rogozin.

A few days ago “funny powder” was delivered from Venezuela from a friend of Maduro. That time Klintsevich was sent to sample, and he “powdered his nose”. After a bit when the eyes returned into the orbit, he announced that Russia will lay six aircraft carriers. Moreover, he was unable to utter articulate sounds, and this appeared in the newspapers. Experts understood this submission correctly, they said the product is good and has a great effect. All others began to wonder what did this figure meant. The first thing that came to mind – carriers will be pawned. But Russia has only one aircraft carrier and it is so that no pawn shop will take it. Then people decided that it was told about building six aircraft carriers, and public liked this as much as the theory of the finiteness of oil and gas. It was picked up by Russians and showed it as if they were already built, and they are already riding the waves.

But even States can build at the same time only two aircraft carriers. By the way, right now, the shipyard Newport News reported about overcoming the boundary of 50% of construction works of the second aircraft carrier of the new USS John F. Kennedy (CVN-79) type. In addition, as the President and Chief Executive officer of Huntington Ingalls Industries ( HII), which owns the shipyard, announced, Michael Petters, CVN-79 will be launched in 2020.

As for even more interesting, the ship is built much faster than its predecessor. If the CVN-78 was constructed in the mode of the prototype and its design underwent changes during the course of construction, now all technological processes are adopted and a 3D model of the ship worked out completely. Now we are talking about a production piece, which requires much less time, labor costs and this leads to a reduction in the cost of an aircraft carrier.

Overall, this was a routine statement from a professional who knows what he’s talking about. In Russia everything is as always. So called Roldugins, Sechins, Gryzlovs and others will drool what Putin likes, and who, thanks to his stupidity, will have to take on faith and broadcast to the outside world another crazy idea, such as “energy superstate”. But then he pretends that such nonsense was said not by him, but someone from the crowd, and the people who put it up for ridicule to all world still get the same loot in their places. Very soon, he will have to put forward another thesis about Russia as about “dung superstate”, which makes no analogues cocks.

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