Metal fatigue (Part 1)

From time to time we return to the subject of aircraft carriers, because today it is the most powerful weapon systems that impartially show the level of military technology, economy and other things we mean by the word «power». In the previous article we have already reported about 50% completion of the second aircraft carrier of the new type, which USA builds, but colleagues gave the reference to Indian resources, which provide additional insights about what Russians sculpt in these areas. Rather, what concepts are placed in weapons systems.

In our opinion, Indians almost destroyed Russian military-industrial complex, didn’t mean to do this, and destroyed in the area that is hard to imagine dangerous. They outbid Russians in the field of methodology. After all, how do the Russians assess their own and someone else’s weapon? They think their weapon ahead of everyone and have no analogues. Of course, all shocked by their arms and just stand there with gaping mouths. The weapon of the enemy they appreciate as unreasonably expensive, difficult to operate and extremely ineffective.

But Indians beat Russians in their approach to assessment of combat and operational qualities of weapons systems. In general, instead of superlatives or scathing epithets they introduced the percentage bar of the system functionality. After that all lyrics were just washed down a toilet. We have seen this approach at first when the Indians assessed the Russian tanks purchased in the Russian Federation, and now they estimated carrier-based fighter, which they bought in Russia. They managed to buy 45 planes MiG-29K-KUB, placing on them all difficult tasks of carrier-based aircraft for the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya, which they didn’t like earlier, and that is also for possible building of their own. “The birds” required Indians $2.2 billion. Moreover, there was not a direct payment for the aircraft, but infusion in Russian military-industrial complex with the aim of making of planes of carrier-based aircraft. That means that a contract of sale and purchase this deal can be called very conditionally.

So, having an aircraft carrier at their disposal, the Indians began to exercise their crews how to take off and land on the deck of an aircraft carrier. After some time of operation, they gave marks to Russian aircraft. Mig-29K is the main combat vehicle, depending on the specific units received a score of 15.93-37,63%. If only they knew what they had bought, they would never have agreed to this adventure. But a long connection with the Russian military-industrial complex said that the problems can be solved in working order. But the problems proved to be fundamental and so that cannot be solved in at all.

We turn to this subject once again, and after an inglorious campaign Kuzya to the shores of Syria, where it drowned two of its airplanes, we paid attention to the fact that the Russians failed to create aircraft carrier complex at all. Things that were ordered to build to shipbuilders did not match the things that were ordered to aviators. The average aircraft carrier, which Kuzya is, can’t place all infrastructures which is necessary to ensure a fairly heavy airplanes, which is MiG-29. Even if they are topside. The lack of a catapult limits the takeoff weight of the aircraft, and that’s why it takes off with a critically low amount of fuel and warload. That means that at the design period of complex’s critical errors were made which can be fixed by replacement of an aircraft or aircraft carrier. Both of these elements just won’t work in a single system. There is no sense in a plane that can’t take off from an aircraft carrier because of the small amount of fuel. To add, the aircraft cannot take on board necessary amount of ammunition. That means that people just failed to reach even the level of correct formulation of the problem to manufacturer. Execution is another question. The key point is this.

Indians send Russians reports and conclusions that some aircraft system almost not working. So the efficiency of the fly-by-wire control system is from 3.5 to 7.5%. They send it all to Russians, those come, clicked their tongues, promise to investigate and leave without doing anything. But they can’t do anything by definition. For such unequipped with catapults vehicle, aircraft of vertical takeoff is needed, like Harrier or modifications F-35, but Russia doesn’t have such. The second solution is to replace Kuzya on something, like aircraft carrier Nimitz, equipped with catapults and other infrastructure. But it is almost twice bigger in size and such ships are not built in Russia, were not built and never will be built. This means that a conceptual error cannot be solved by completing at all.

But this is not the most interesting, because in the process of operation revealed other, more interesting moments.

(to be continued)

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  1. Дмитрий:

    Ok, write more…

  2. Dmytro:

    Для первого раза неплохо, but there is still room for improvement.

  3. Vitya:

    It’s nice to see Defence-line in English!

  4. Andriy:


    «It’s nice to see Defence-line in English!»

    Зачем? Те, кто читают Линию Обороны, могут читать по-русски. Многие по-украински.

    Читать английский текст, переведенный с русского, лично для меня удовольствие небольшое.

    • anti-colorados:

      Это — пробный шар. Оценивайте. Если нет смысла — прекратим. Кто хорошо владеет английским, просьба оценивать на читабельность именно зарубежной публике. Если смысл теряется — прекратим.

  5. Дмитрий:

    Мне кажется, что в Киеве день жаркий со штормовым понижением температуры к вечеру… Похоже не ту «копипасту» выложили

  6. Galyna:

    Август 6, 2017 в 19:58
    Это — пробный шар. Оценивайте. Если нет смысла — прекратим.
    ОЧЕНЬ нужно! Будем распространять на англо-язычные сайты! Good job!

  7. Andriy:


    «ОЧЕНЬ нужно! Будем распространять на англо-язычные сайты! Good job!»

    И кто на аглоязычных сайтах будет читать? Кто следит за событиями в Украине и России? Кто поймет что такое «петух из навоза»? Или «блины с лопаты»? Что значит вот эта фраза «Very soon, he will have to put forward another thesis about Russia as about «dung superstate», which makes no analogues cocks.»?
    Для англоязычных нужна совершенно другая версия, изначально написаная по-английски и с пояснением всего, что мы понимаем с полуслова.

  8. komissar kattania:

    Andriy to anti-colorados:Кто поймет что такое «петух из навоза»? Или «блины с лопаты»?

    в этих моментах нужны ссылки хотя бы на картинки

  9. Andriy:

    @komissar kattania:

    «в этих моментах нужны ссылки хотя бы на картинки»

    И предыстория. Ну не понятны для англоязычного читателя особенности жизни в мордоре. Это мы о них все знаем, для остальных они «загадочная русская душа»(с).

  10. Andriy:

    Indians в английском это «индЕйцы», не «индИйцы».

  11. Andriy:

    «From time to time we return to the subject of aircraft carriers»

    Фраза построена по-русски.

  12. Andriy:


    «Кто хорошо владеет английским, просьба оценивать на читабельность именно зарубежной публике.»

    Русскоязычные со знанием английского — не очень хорошие критики для таких статей. Нужен человек БЕЗ знания русского и при этом готовый критиковать без стеснения и излишней корректности.

  13. Madaziop:

    Same here. Спробував читати англійською, після двох параграфів повернувся до російської версії. З мого досвіду, краще писати текст англійською, а потім перекладати на іншу мову. Виглядатиме краще на обох мовах.

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